DNS Security: Your Customers’ First Line of Defense from Hackers

MSP’s, you can offer this first layer of security and open the door to other managed security offerings with DNS Security. It’s easy to deploy, easy to bill, simple to manage, and can stop one-third of threats outright and can be implemented in less than five minutes. Best of all, we make it easy for you to deploy in AdaptiveCloud.™

It’s important to take a layered approach to cybersecurity to keep your customers safe and out of the headlines. DNS Security is one of the outermost layers of any solid cyber security strategy for any size organization or institution from the private sector to education, to health care, and local government. 

Using artificial intelligence-based threat protection, DNS Filtering is an affordable security tool that reaps instant benefits.

With DNS Security your customers will be protected from:

·  Malicious Sites

·  Phishing Sites

·  Inappropriate Content (Like file sharing or anything your security team deems offensive)

·  Distracting time wasters such as social media sites or news forums.

DNS Security is powered by Artificial Intelligence

Because we don’t rely on static threat feeds, our solution can detect more threats than other DNS security products. We block:

·  110% more malware threats

·  130% more botnet threats

·  Over 1,000% more phishing threats

End Users are the Most Vulnerable

A businesses’ end users are more vulnerable than ever as phishing sites and bad actors have gotten more sophisticated by making sites that look and feel like legitimate companies. All it takes is one user to fall for this deception to compromise your customers’ entire network. By employing DNS Security, they can rest easier, knowing you are continuously scanning the internet and classifying dangerous sites. On average DNS Security in AdaptiveCloud™ can catch dangerous sites seven days before competitors, and uniquely identify 61% of DNS threats.

Secure Remote Workers and Remote Users

Our DNS Security Offering can install roaming clients in less than 30 seconds and offer powerful DNS protection at the device level for your customers. Whether they need small business web filtering or enterprise deployment for thousands of users, you can protect your clients’ users on any device they are using on the network. This is essential as more hybrid, remote workers, or geo disparate users join your customers’ networks.

CIPA Compliance in Minutes for the Education Sector

Although the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was introduced over fifteen years ago, most options for compliance have only become more cumbersome and complex—until DNS Security. It is the most effective way to achieve CIPA compliance. With this in place, educational institutions can filter and secure any device on the network, whether the device is school-issued or not. Adding DNS Security can help your education sector clients achieve E-rate funding regulations and comply with CIPA in mere minutes. This can provide discounts for eligible customers for eligible broadband and telecommunications services.

DNS Security is important because of the continual monitoring and threat detection. Domain-based threats are often short-lived and a bit like security whack-a-mole. Once a malicious site is labeled as a threat and noted on the static threat feeds, the hackers take it down and put up another one. With DNS Security, your customers are continually protected from new threats.  

DNS Security is one layer that we believe every organization needs regardless of size. It makes sense for every business, government agency, and educational institution to put this layer in place. Grow your MSP by offering this first effective layer of protection and ramp up your recurring revenue. 

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