ACT Technologies Case Study

ACT Technologies partners with AdaptiveCloud™ to offer a modern, cost-effective, and reliable solution to protect their business & clients.


Their previous provider was charging a premium price for services, and they were not quick or responsive to fixing the problems that ACT Technologies kept experiencing with their products. Their current backup solution uses a base layer backup and a chain for subsequent backups. If any backup in the chain was damaged, deleted or destroyed, the entire chain stored in the cloud had issues. This resulted in the backup and replication to become broken as well. Since it uses both local and cloud storage, if the local hard drive ran out of space you would have to make space and the only way to do that is by destroying an entire backup chain. Plus, anything could damage the chain too; something as simple as a vendor making updates on their hardware could potentially affect multiple clients. 

ACT Technologies wanted a backup solution that they could utilize as an online server. That way, if their physical server went down, they could continue to work and provide services to their customers. They needed to find a solution that was comparable to what their company was already selling—something that could offer the same types of services to their customers while still managing to stay within their budget. The company surveyed several other cloud providers, but they had trouble finding a company that could meet their needs.

“Because our company is so small, we needed a provider that could be flexible and work within our budget. Most of the big companies out there couldn’t give us the one-on-one customer support or the competitive pricing that we were looking for,” said Brice Hinchman, Network Administrator of ACT Technologies. “With AdaptiveCloud™ by IP Pathways, I was able to call customer support at any time and someone was always available to answer my questions.”


Our technical experts worked closely with ACT Technologies to help them identify which solution was the best fit for their company. We moved their systems over to our Data Protection Backup solution, a decision that ended up saving their company 30% a year. In addition to the cost savings, they also gained a variety of new features that they hadn’t had with their previous backup solution. It gives them the options of different plans and storage areas in the cloud to manage backups and images.

ACT Technologies also emphasized how important it was to have a solution that would keep their customers safe from data disasters. Some of their local businesses had recently experienced ransomware attacks, and the company wanted to offer a service that could restore data quickly and provide better protection to prevent an attack from happening in the first place. With our Data Protection solution, ACT Technologies now has complete protection, including backup, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity.

“Because I’m trying to learn all of the new cloud features myself and figure out how everything works, it’s nice to know that I have people I can call on who will help me whenever I need it—even if it’s just to ask questions,” said Brice. “The customer service at AdaptiveCloud™ by IP Pathways has been absolutely fantastic.” 

As for what the future holds for ACT Technologies, Brice has been steering the company in a new direction. “I’ve been trying to move us away from the standard server and instead focus more on managed services and bringing us into the cloud,” he said. “AdaptiveCloud™ has and will continue to play a big role in that transition.”

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